General Information About Contract for Liberty
The Contract for Liberty is a functional, stand-alone contract ... a document to put into the hands of people who are looking for non-governmental (non-coercive) security, in a form which is feasible, functional and practical. ... with all the necessary details and sufficient explanation to convince and apply (immediately, as-is).

Our experience indicates the possibility of formulating the essentials of liberty to work in any soil, as long as it is human (without needing to define particular cultural parameters of that condition). The point is not to change culture, but to provide the essentials of liberty, so it can survive any culture. Not an easy task, since so many cultures are, themselves, rooted in coercion.

Most libertarian "solutions" contain numerous arguments, discussions, postulations, strategies and projected examples. This "stuff" may be great, but it is geared to people who want to quibble about liberty (and be convinced/swayed by someone else's thinking), and that's not most people. The man in the street / peasant in the field isn't interested in all that stuff. He doesn't necessarily want it "dumbed-down." He just wants it straight. Cut to the chase. What is the composition of the actual proposal and how do I do this?

That's what we provide here. It is quite doable. But challenging. At present, all bets are on something like a contract: this is what it is and how it works; sign here. here.

Recent research (2006) into Anarcho-Primitivism suggests that this non-governmental contract is similar to early arrangements in primitive societies that had liberty without government. See link to pdf file article below. But we can also see that earlier arrangements had no protection against the development of coercive authorities. Liberty was not an understood thing; it was just kind of natural and innate - couldn't possibly be lost, could it?

This contract is not a utopian venture. Non-coercive liberty is practical premise, a basic beginning point for the species. As a "goal," it is very rudimentary stuff and should be a no-brainer to every person on the planet. Well but, we've all been brainwashed to think we need force-based governments - and taxes, and war, and passports ... and, okay, so it is a goal from our present savage condition. But it's really just a beginning point. A prerequisite to doing anything human. It is not like some lofty, idealistic, utopian fantasy. Utopias are the opposite of liberty. Liberty is like hygiene; without it, we're just futzing around in the mud.

So quit futzing around. Take a quick shower. Download the pdf brochure. Print copies to pass around. And sign one yourself. End of governments. Re-emergence of human life on this planet. Q.E.D. Nothing utopian about it. Just quit futzing around, okay?

Your comments are welcomed, please address them to the forum.

P.S. Will somebody please take this contract to Somalia, before they do something stupid, like installing a government? (And be sure to translate it enroute.)

Contract for Liberty
a bilateral, joint accord
These computer-generated translations are inept, capturing only the gist of the current proposal. As the contract evolves, better translations will become possible and available. Patience!
  1. I, the undersigned, in exchange for the same respect accorded to myself from all other signatories to this contract, agree to respect the sovereign autonomy of all other signatories, including but not limited to:

    • a. the freedom of speech, action, motion, travel, trade, association, assembly, belief, and

    • b. the ownership of property, defensible against all forms of trespass, theft and encroachment, including but not limited to my body, acquired possessions, acquired real estate (land), and created properties and/or value-added properties, such as I may create and produce myself or acquire by trade from others; and

    • c. the freedom to trade, lease or rent my property freely upon mutually agreeable terms with another person, including but not limited to the freedom to make contracts.

    • d. That the freedoms herein named do not exclude other inherent freedoms, given by birth, to all individual human beings equally, but pertain in no manner to created entities, as groups, associations, institutions, or businesses; only to corporeal, living human individuals, distinguished in no manner by race, creed, economic status, sex, age, or any kind of handicap.

    • e. That the boundaries of individual autonomy define themselves by the equality of sovereignty and the reciprocity of respect; such that I owe to others respect for the same sovereignty as I myself possess, and that I command from others respect for the same sovereignty as they themselves possess; and that this quality of respect pertains solely to these boundaries, such that all other forms of respect or esteem arise or not, without relevance to this contract.

  2. That, in exchange for the protection provided by the terms of this contract, I agree to participate in the enforcement of the contract, personally and directly, as follows:

    • a. That all signatories to this contract agree to make themselves available by lot to assemble themselves upon the determination of a breach of this contract in order to redress the breach.

    • b. That these assemblies shall have formal construction as "courts of the contract," constituted by a judge / director, clerk, bailiff, counsels, and jury (all drawn by lot), and a hired recorder and notary.

    • c. That a violation of the sovereign autonomy of an individual by another person or persons constitutes a breach, subject to the following resolution:

    • d. That the court shall, upon assembly, verify the breach, determine a likely perpetrator, gather and examine evidence, hear presentations, determine guilt or innocence, and specify an appropriate penalty providing restitution to "make the damaged person whole again, insofar as possible," including damage to the security of his autonomy; that is, to the integrity of the contract.

    • e. That the accused suspect, presumed innocent unless proven guilty by the evidence, may not, by request or compulsion, testify against himself; may confront his accusers; may prepare, control and direct his own defense; may examine and present evidence; may question and present witnesses; and may not stand in jeopardy twice for the same offense.

    • f. That penalty shall take the form of value-based currency, assessed upon whatever property the guilty person may possess or, if destitute, negotiated such as to effect restitution.

    • g. That the authority of enforcement derives from the contractual agreement of the signatories to abide by these terms; explicitly granted by the sovereign authority of each signatory.

    • h. That in the case of inconclusive evidence or innocence, the court shall vindicate the accused suspect, and may either close the matter (of a breach), or leave the breach by "unknown person" unrepaired until such time as new evidence may arise.

    • i. That these courts shall assemble in the instance of a breach to the contract; and shall otherwise disband in whole.

    • j. That "initial juries" shall assemble by lot to review suspected breaches to this contract and refer them to full session courts upon sufficient evidence. When constituted, the initial juries shall review as many cases as possible within a two-day period (in session eight hours per day), and may refer more complex cases to a grand jury, constituted to weigh the evidence on a particular case without regard to duration.

    • k. That a repository of records shall keep on file court records and evidence; funds for the operation of which shall come from penalties assessed for proven breach (as restitution to the integrity of the contract), and from the payment of fees for access to the public record.

    • l. That no signatory to this contract shall receive compensation for participating in the courts of contract, excepting those paid professionals (recorder, notary), and excepting that those falsely accused may claim compensation, as restitution for wrongful detention.

    • m. That, other than direct participation, no signatory shall involuntarily fund the operation of these courts; excepting that those unwilling to participate when called by lot may, on a case-by-case basis, pay an exemption fee to excuse themselves from participating (those unable to participate, due to illness, for example, shall pay no exemption fee, subject to court review).

    • n. That private arbitration courts, variously configured, shall hear and remedy disputes arising from private contracts, and may, upon evidence of a breach to this contract, remand cases to a court of the contract.

  3. That the "common law" reciprocally recognized sovereignty of individuals repudiates claims by any group, association or society upon the individual, except as individually and voluntarily contracted (not in violation of this contract, nor effecting a breach thereof).

  4. That this contract defines the natural human population of this planet, external to governmental territories; and that, to exit those territories, visitors / emigrants must sign this contract with full comprehension.

  5. That the signatories to this contract shall, with equal responsibility and by direct participation, enforce and defend this contract, including territorial defense against encroachment of private property by groups or governments breaching the contract.

  6. That the repository of records shall, for a fee, keep on file notarized deeds of sovereign land patents.

  7. That the repository of records shall keep on file a copy of this attestation, with up-to-date contact information, and shall maintain and execute a diminishing lottery. That those chosen by lot shall bear the cost of certified notification.

  8. That I am responsible for my own livelihood, health and welfare, upon my own judgment and by my own effort; with no implication of bond or debt between or amongst signatories beyond the terms of this contract.

  9. That this document signifies an agreement between sovereign individuals, not the creation of a political entity apart from them.


Sovereign  Signatory

"I attest to the principle of individual sovereignty and the reciprocal respect thereof as the foundation of human relations in all matters."



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